Mercantile Library Building

Entering the Mercantile Library Building from either its Walnut Street main entrance or the Mercantile Way Arcade, one senses the understated elegance and formality that define this historic Cincinnati landmark. It was 1910, the same year President William Howard Taft became the first president to throw out the first baseball on opening day, that the 13-story Mercantile Library Building was completed.

It features ornate exterior stonework and a distinctive arched entranceway that leads to a marble, tile and brass appointed lobby with five elevators. Also off the lobby is a marble staircase leading to a mezzanine level office space. To have your office here is to acknowledge old-world charm and timeless quality, and experience it daily.

The Mercantile Library,
Here to Stay.

Adding to the interest and uniqueness of Mercantile Center is the guaranteed presence of one of Cincinnati’s most respected institutions, The Mercantile Library. The Library maintains and expands its historic collection of books while presenting an expansive schedule of events such as author/writer visits, book discussions, workshops, and forums. Additionally, the Library is home to a diverse collection of artworks including portrait busts, paintings, and sculpture.. Founded in 1835 by prominent Cincinnati residents, The Mercantile Library is a non-profit membership library and it holds a perpetually-renewable 10,000 year lease on the 11th and 12th floors. With Synchrony at Mercantile occupying the 3rd floor, that leaves a remaining nine floors for general office use, upon availability.

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