• Large Conference Room – 50+ Capacity
  • Access to Downtown Parking
  • Centralized Transportation Hub for Metro, TANK, and Street Car
  • Connected Skywalk Access to Nearby Hotels, Restaurants, and Parking
  • ATM’s
  • 24-7 Building Access and Security
  • Housekeeping
  • On-Site Owner
  • Responsive Tenant and Maintenance Staff
  • Mercantile Way Sculpture/Fountain – Designed by Ted Gantz
  • Mercantile Center and Mercantile Way, designed by Harry Weese, best known for designing the Metro Stations in Washington D.C.

Retail Tenants

  • Bake’s Place
  • BB&T
  • Currito
  • Gyro Hero
  • Kitty’s Coffee
  • Mercantile Library
  • METRO Sales Office
  • Mike and Carol Trotta Tailors
  • PNC Bank (ATM)
  • Queen City Liquor
  • Strauss Tobacconist
  • Subway
  • Tom James

At the Heart of
Downtown Cincinnati

A unique point-of-view on what a professional, downtown office center can be:
Timeless. Sophisticated. Productive. Convenient.