A place, not just a space.

Mercantile Arcade

Mercantile Center is a premier downtown commercial complex offering diverse office space options, ideal location and unbeatable convenience. With most office sites you are either in the building or out on the street. At Mercantile Center, your office building is comprised of three seamlessly connected buildings in the center of downtown, with welcoming spaces and convenient amenities throughout.

Mercantile Center Is:

Mercantile Center is a blend of older and newer, preserving the past, accommodating today.

The following components make up this unique place downtown:

One Twenty East Fourth: This distinctive, 13-story modern office tower commands impressive views of the Ohio River, the riverfront and surrounding downtown sites and architecture.

Mercantile Library Building: An exquisitely preserved 11-story, 19th century office building, and home of the revered Mercantile Library. Library memberships available.

Synchrony at Mercantile: The 3rd Floor of the Mercantile Library Building, offers furnished office suites complete with administrative staffing, IT support and more under one fixed monthly lease amount. Simple. Productive.

The Center: This finely appointed on-site contemporary events center is ideal for large business meetings, presentations and seminars, even the occasional success celebration, such as a wedding.

Mercantile Way Arcade: This bright and open retail arcade connects 5th and 4th Streets, and offers convenient restaurants, delis, coffee shops, fine wines, liqueurs and more.

At the Heart of
Downtown Cincinnati

A unique point-of-view on what a professional, downtown office center can be:
Timeless. Sophisticated. Productive. Convenient.